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updated 04/20/17

Today's Messages Library

The following news items have been posted on the Today's Messages page on the dates noted. News items are featured on the main page for a minimum of five days and, upon their initial posting date, also are added to this Library. Despite eventually being removed from the main page, the messages may remain relevant and will be maintained here for your future reference.

Older Todays Messages are archived by year: 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013.

All messages are in a PDF format.
Date Posted Provider Type Message
04/20/17 All Provider News, Issue 2, 2017, is Now Available Online!
04/06/17 All Highmark Retrospective Chart Retrieval Program To Launch
04/04/17 All Authorization Request Update: Highmark Upgrading Systems To Serve You Better
04/03/17 All Upgrading To Serve You Better: Highmark Navinet System Enhancements Coming 4/24/17
03/21/17 All Immediate Action Required: Providers Must Ensure Accurate Directory Information To Be Listed
03/14/17 Professional CMS Requires Our Quarterly Outreach To Verify Accuracy Of Your Data
03/09/17 All Peer-To-Peer Review Process Changes For Medicare Advantage Members
02/22/17 All Provider News, Issue 1, 2017, is Now Available Online!
02/14/17 Professional Claims Processing Update To Impact Modifier 25 And Modifier 59
02/09/17 Facility The 2017 Updated Notice of Medicare Non-Coverage Has Been Released
02/07/17 All Auth Submission Update: Some System Upgrades Delayed
01/30/17 All Authorization Request Update: Highmark Upgrading Systems To Serve You Better - Update posted on 2/7/17
01/18/17 All Clarification: Highmark Requirements For Prior Authorization For Repetitive Scheduled Nonemergent Ambulance Transport
01/12/17 All Updated: Additional HCPCS Codes Do Not Require Submission Of NDC
01/09/17 All Four Chemotherapy Codes To Be Added To The List Of Procedures Requiring Authorization, Effective March 1, 2017 - Updated
01/05/17 All 2017 UDC Program Preview
01/05/17 All Important Notice: Payments For UDC Program Q3 2016 Submissions

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